ECE Energy & Information Systems Seminar

Energy & Information Systems Seminar is an informal, highly interactive seminar run by the systems (signal processing, communications, power, and control) group in ECE at CMU. While designed to provide a forum for interactions between researchers of diverse interests in general, we especially encourage CMU students and postdocs to present in the seminar. 

The "regular" seminar time is 12:00 to 1:30 on Mondays. 

If you would like to give a talk, please contact Prof. Pulkit Grover, Prof. Soummya Kar, or Jonathan Mei.


Fall 2017 Schedule

Mon. Nov 13, 12:00PM, Venue: PH B34
Amy Babay, JHU
Timely, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Internet Transport Service using Dissemination Graphs

Spring 2017 Schedule

Mon. May 1, 12:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Sean Weerakkody, CMU
Accountability in Cyber-Physical Systems

Mon. Apr 24, 12:00PM, PH B34
Anit Sahu, CMU
Online Learning: Expert-Assisted Sequence Prediction

Mon. Apr 17, 12:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Siheng Chen, CMU
Data sampling on graphs

Mon. Apr 10, 12:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Jen-Hao Rick Chang, CMU
Adversarial learning

Spring 2016 Schedule

Tues. May. 21st, 12:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Suren Jayasuriya, Cornell University
Plenoptic Imaging and Vision using Angle Sensitive Pixels

Thurs. May. 5th, 12:30PM, Porter Hall B34
Nariman Farsad, Stanford University
Molecular Communication: Theoretical Limits and Experimental Implementations


Fall 2015 Schedule

Thurs. Nov. 5th, 12:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Vinod Sharma, Indian Institute of Science
Distributed Spectrum Sensing under Electromagnetic Interference and Fading

Thurs. Oct. 29th, 12:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Ping Tan, Simon Fraser University
Appearance Capture and Material Classification


Spring 2015 Schedule

Apr 15, 4:00PM, Porter Hall B34
Patrick McSharry, University of Oxford and Carnegie Mellon-Rwanda
Parsimonious Data-Driven Models for Decision Making

Apr 14, 12:00PM, HH D210
Jian Wang, Carnegie Mellon University
Zhuo (Harry) Hui, Carnegie Mellon University
LiSens - A Scalable Architecture for Video Compressive Sensing

A Dictionary-based Approach for Estimating Shape and Spatially-Varying Reflectance

Apr 2, 11:30AM, Roberts Hall 240
Pavan Turaga, Arizona State University
Riemannian computing in computer vision: Applications to human activities, dynamic textures, and beyond


Fall 2014 Schedule

Dec 8, 12:00PM, PH B34
Sunav Choudhary, University of Southern California
Active Target Detection over Separable Fields: A Randomized Multi-way Trade-off

Dec 2, 12:30PM, PH B34
Malnoosh Alizadeh, Stanford University
Dealing with the High Dimensionality of Electric Load Control Problems

Nov 17, 12:30PM, PH B34
Bernhard Haeupler, Carnegie Mellon University
Coding for Interactive Communication Made Communication Efficient and Easy (or "How to make conversations robust to noise.")

Nov 12, 2:00PM, PH B34
Lalitha Sankar, Arizona State University
When Man-in-the-Middle Meets Woman-at-the-Control Center: Implications of Cyber Attacks on Distributed Power System Operations

Nov 10, 12:30PM, HH 1107
Viveck Cadambe, Pennsylvania State University
Erasure Coding for Consistent Distributed Storage

Oct 27, 12:30PM, HH 1107
June Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University
Who are the More Vulnerable Agents in a Network?

Oct 20, 12:30PM, HH 1107
Aarti Singh, Carnegie Mellon University
Power of Active and Compressive Queries for Subspace Learning

Oct 13, 12:30PM, PH 125C
Brent Doiron, University of Pittsburgh
Formation of Neuronal Assemblies and their Maintenance during Spontaneous Cortical Activity

Oct 6, 12:30PM, HH B206
Abhishek Gupta, University of Southern California
Dynamic Sequential Decision Problems with Asymmetric Information: Some Existence Results

Sept 29, 12:30PM, PH B34
Yaoqing Yang, Carnegie Mellon University
Can a Noisy Encoder be Used to Communicate Reliably?

Sept 18, 12:30PM, PH B34
Peter Palensky and Edmund Widl, Austrian Institute of Technology
Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Sept 8, 12:30PM, PH B34
Sérgio Pequito, University of Pennsylvania
Design of Communication Networks for Distributed Computation with Privacy Guarantees

Aug 25, 12:30PM, PH B34
Sandra Kuhlman, Carnegie Mellon University
Neuroscience Applications of 2-Photon Microscopy Imaging in Rodent Brains, In-Vivo


Summer 2014 Schedule

May 21, 12:30PM, PH B34
Pooja Vyavahare, IIT Bombay
On Optimal Embedding of Functions for In-Network Computation


Spring 2014 Schedule

Apr 29, 2:30PM, HH B206
Sharad Goel, Microsoft Research
Ideological Segregation and the Effects of Social Media on News Consumption

Apr 14, 12:30PM, PH B34
Joel B. Harley, Carnegie Mellon University
Using Sparsity-Based, Data Driven Models to Monitor Critical Infrastructures

Apr 7, 12:30PM, PH B34
Sean Weerakkody, Carnegie Mellon University
Detecting Integrity Attacks on Control Systems Using Physical Watermarking

Mar 31, 12:30PM, PH B34
Xiaofei Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
Minimum Robust Sensor Placement for Linear Time-Invariant Systems: A Structured Systems Approach

Mar 24, 12:00PM, PH B34
Jürgen Pfeffer, Carnegie Mellon University
Why “Social” is quite important for Social Network Analysis

Mar 19, 12:00PM, HH D210
John Norton, University of Pittsburgh
The Neglect of Fluctuations in the Thermodynamics of Computation

Mar 3, 12:00PM, PH B34
Sérgio Pequito, Carnegie Mellon University
A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection of Large-Scale Systems


Fall 2013 Schedule

Dec 11, 12:30PM, PH B34
David Shaw, University of Maryland
Dimension Reduction Methods for Improving Predictive Inference

Nov 21, 12:00PM, HH B206
David Choi, Carnegie Mellon University
Consistency of Co-clustering Exchangeable Graph Data

Nov 13, 12:00PM, PH B34
Chinmay Hegde, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Approximation-Tolerant Model-Based Compressive Sensing


Spring 2013 Schedule

Jul 12, 12:00PM, PH B34
Y.-C. Frank Wang, Academia Sinica
Recent Advances in Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Sparse-Representation Based Dictionary Learning for Robust and Undersampled Face Recognition

Jun 11, 11:30AM, PH B34
Minghua Chen, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Energy-Efficient Dynamic Provisioning in Data Centers: The Benefit of Seeing the Future

May 30, 12:00AM, PH B34
Hien V. Nguyen, University of Maryland College Park
Non-linear Sparse Representation and Its Applications

May 9, 12:00PM, PH A18C
Joseph (Jay) Kandane, Leonard J. Savage Uni. Prof. of Statistics, Emeritus
Principles of Uncertinty

May 2, 12:00PM, H235A BH
Aliaksei Sandryhaila, Carnegie Mellon University
Signal Processing on Graphs

Apr 25, 12:00PM, PH B34
Sanjoy Mitter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Markov Processes and Free Energy Minimization